Here's what you need to know about our new T+5 product :

5x Leverage: Our T+5 product offers you leverage of upto 5 times, allowing you to maximise your buying power and potentially amplify your returns while holding your equity positions for upto 5 trading days. 

Impact on Ledger Balance: It's important to note that buying stocks using our T+5 product will impact your ledger balance. Your available funds will be utilized first and then the leverage amount will be debited from the ledger.

Extended Holding Period: With T+5 trading, you can now hold your equity positions for up to 5 trading days from the transaction date. This means that if you buy shares on a Monday, you have the option to hold them until the following Monday.

Interest-Free Holding: During this 7-day period, you will not be charged any interest on your outstanding debit amount in the ledger. This gives you the freedom to hold your positions without incurring any additional costs. Brokerage: We are pleased to inform you that the brokerage for our T+5 product remains the same as in Margin Trading Facility (MTF) i.e. 0.20% of traded amount.

Available Platforms: As of now, this facility is available in our AERO ( desktop trading application and Trade over phone desk(0755-4268556). You can access the T+5 product through these platforms and take advantage of its benefits. Please find the screenshot below for reference.

Payment Options: At the end of the 5-day holding period, you have three options: 

  • Pay the full debit amount in the ledger.
  • Square off your position by selling the shares.
  • Allow the system to automatically square off the position if neither of the above actions is taken.

T+5 Mechanism :

If you purchase securities in T+5 product, resulting in a negative balance in your trading ledger, the unpaid securities will be transferred to your demat account upon receipt of payout from the exchange on the T+1 day (settlement day). However, these securities will be automatically marked for pledge against the Client Unpaid Securities Pool Account (CUSPA). If payment is not made within  T+5 days, our risk management team will sell those unpaid securities in accordance with our RMS policy. The securities will then be automatically invoked to our CUSPA account to meet the exchange securities pay-in obligation.

1. Corporate Actions:

All corporate actions, such as splits, bonuses, and dividends, will occur directly in your demat account. This will provide greater transparency and eliminate operational inconveniences, such as fractional entitlement against splits and bonuses, dividend credit in your trading ledger, and accounting for TDS on dividends.  


2. Pledge Charges:

As the shares will be transferred to your demat account and automatically pledged in favour of our CUSPA account, a pledge charge of Rs. 25 + GST will be applicable per transaction/ISIN.  


3. Unplege Charges:

When securities are sold, they will first be unpledged before making actual early pay-in/pay-in to the exchange. Therefore, an un-pledge charge of Rs. 25 + GST will be applicable per transaction/ISIN.  


4. Demat Transaction Charges:

To make early pay-in/pay-in to the exchange, a regular demat transaction charge of Rs.25 + GST will be applicable per transaction/ISIN when securities are sold.  


5. Invocation, RMS Square Off, and Stamp Duty Charges:

If payment is not made within T+6 days, our risk management team (RMS) will initiate a sale in accordance with our risk policy. As the shares will be invoked, an invocation charge of Rs. 25 + GST will also be applicable per transaction/ISIN, and a stamp duty of 0.015% of the sale value will apply.