Refer & Earn is a super cool feature and a golden opportunity to earn by just referring to your friends, family, or relatives! 

Rupeezy’s Refer and Earn program allows Rupeezy’s registered users to refer and earn 10% brokerage sharing income when their friend trades. 

Note: During certain offer periods the referral benefits can be increased to 20% brokerage share.

But how much money can I make by referring to my friends? You can earn up to 6 Lacs annually by just referring 100 users! Yes, you read that right! 

How do I refer to my friends?

Referring to your friends is very easy and can be done through 2 mediums which are as follows - Rupeezy Dock and TV Terminal.

How to Refer using Rupeezy DOCK?

To refer through Rupeezy DOCK follow these steps below. 

Step 1: On the Rupeezy DOCK Profile page, you’ll find a new Refer & Earn tab.

Step 2: You can invite your friends either through the Referral link or Referral code. Select anyone as per your preference and the link/code will be generated. 

Step 3: Copy the code/link and you can share it using various mediums like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Gmail, etc. which is right below the link/code generated.

How to refer using TV Terminal?

Step 1: After logging into the TV terminal, you’ll find the ‘Refer & Earn’ button in orange color on the top. 

STEP 2: After clicking on “Refer and Earn 2.0’ will redirect you to Rupeezy DOCK.

STEP 3You can start referring using the steps mentioned above on Rupeezy DOCK -  How to refer using Rupeezy DOCK?


Q1. What is the Refer and Earn program at Rupeezy?

If you like our platform, we encourage you to refer it to your friends and family. For this generous gesture you will be awarded with 1̶0̶%̶ 20% brokerage sharing of all your referred users who open accounts between 1st to 31st January 2024. Your friend who opens an account using your referral link will get a 50% discount on the brokerage they pay for the 1st 15 days.

Q2. What is refer & earn 2x offer?

Join us in ringing in the new year of 2024 with an exclusive celebration! We're excited to enhance your referral experience by doubling your rewards. Instead of the standard 10% brokerage share, you'll now enjoy a generous 20% brokerage share for every new account opened through your referral link during the promotional period from January 1st to January 31st, 2024. This means that for the next 6 months, your brokerage share will be doubled. After this initial period, the brokerage share will return to the regular 10%. Wish you all a prosperous new year!

Q3. How does Refer & Earn work?

Start earning in 3 easy steps

  • Share your unique referral link with friends.

  • Your friend opens an account using your referral link within 30 days of starting the registration process.

  • Earn a 1̶0̶%̶ 20% brokerage sharing when your friend trades. 2x brokerage share offer expires after 6 months. Post which you’ll get the usual 10% brokerage share.

  • Know your accumulated earnings by shaking the Kalpavriksha. Kalpavriksha grants you to withdraw funds only once in 10 days.

Q4. When and how will I receive my referral payouts?

Your referral earning keeps accumulating with the Kalpavriksha. You can shake the Kalpavriksha to know the accumulated amount. Kalpavriksha grants you to withdraw funds only once in 10 days. The Funds withdrawn will reflect in your registered bank account within 4 hours.

Q5. What benefit does my friend get?

Your friend will get a 50% discount on the brokerage for the 1st 15 days after the account is opened with Rupeezy. Your friend will get this benefit only if he opens an account through a referral link and not when s/he opens an account with us directly. Win-win for both of you.

Q6. What is the eligibility criteria for refer and earn?

To qualify for Refer & Earn rewards, ensure the following:

  • You should be an active Rupeezy user

  • Your referral benefits will be paused if your account becomes dormant

Q7. Who is the referrer and referee?

A referrer is a Rupeezy customer who refers his friends/family to open a demat account by using their unique referral link or code. The Referee is a customer who opens the demat account with Rupeezy using the referral code shared by the referrer.

Q8. Why don't I see any Kalpavriksha to shake?

You can only witness the divine tree after 1 successful referral i.e. your friend has opened the account with us by clicking your link within 30 days of starting the account opening process.

Q9. Why don't I get any reward when I shake the Kalpavriksha?

This may be due to any of these reasons:

  • There has been no trading activity of any of your referred users

  • You have already made a withdrawal within the last 10 days

Q10. How can I track the account opening status of my friends?

You can check the account status only in Rupeezy mobile application in the “invite more friends'' section.

Terms and Conditions for Refer and Earn:  

  • A referrer is eligible to refer and earn benefits only if the referee has used the relevant referral link/code. 

  • The referral link will expire after 30 days of referral link creation i.e. all such referred clients must complete their account opening process within 30 days.

  • If a client has already signed up and then later uses a referrer’s link to complete the account opening process, the referrer will not be eligible for the refer and earn benefits. 

  • Once an account is opened using the referral link, the referrer is eligible to earn from brokerage on all referee trades. 

  • As per the referral program, the referrer will earn 10% of the brokerage generated from all the referees with a maximum amount of Rs.1000 per month per referee. 

  • Earnings will be credited to the referrer’s registered bank account for payout, subject to TDS if applicable. 

  • Inactive accounts of referrers will not be eligible for monthly earnings and any incentive due will lapse on 31st March of the financial year. 

  • Participants shall not, since being eligible to receive any payout from Rupeezy, enter into any contracts or publish any marketing material/advertisement acting as Rupeezy or act as a referral agent of Rupeezy without the explicit written permission of Rupeezy. Participant understands that publishing any marketing or advertisement material requires permission/intimation towards the Exchanges. Participant will not & has not published any marketing material without the explicit permission of Rupeezy

  • The participants agree that they have read and understood NSE circular NSE/INSP/43029 dated December 26, 2019. Any dispute/grievance under this early access scheme cannot be referred to the Investor Grievance Panel at NSE and will be resolved between participants and Astha Credit & Securities Pvt. Ltd.(Rupeezy) as stated in the above-mentioned NSE Circular, and any such dispute should not be made public. 

  • The participants understand that they and Astha Credit & Securities Pvt. Ltd. (Rupeezy) are both bound by the rules and regulations of the regulator, exchanges, and other statutory and government rules & regulations. 

  • Astha Credit & Securities Pvt. Ltd.. (Rupeezy) reserves the right to amend/revoke/ withhold the offers and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The decision of Astha Credit & Securities Pvt. Ltd. on all matters relating to, or in connection with the use of this offer shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. 

  • I/We agree to indemnify Rupeezy and its Directors/employees for any damages/claims that may arise from me/us deviating from the Rules/Bye-Laws of the Exchanges, and any terms, conditions, Policies & Procedures of Rupeezy

  • The offer is not valid for dormant clients.