How to use F&O Scanner and make sharper trades

What is F&O Scanner? 

F&O Scanner is a new feature built in your Rupeezy app to help you make smart trading decisions without spending a lot of time scanning the market.

F&O scanner saves your time by scanning the contracts of index and popular stocks and shows which contracts are gaining Open Interest(OI) and which contracts are losing OI. F&O scanner also presents price gainers and price losers of index and stock.

F&O scanner also shows OI build up for the selected index or searched stock.

What is Open Interest for Options?

Open interest is the total number of open derivative contracts, such as options or futures, that have not been settled.Open interest is not the same as volume which tracks total transactions in a contract. OI tracks every open position in a particular contract and not just traded volume. 

What is OI build up?

OI build up is used by traders to gauge the sentiment and potential price trend in the market. Based on price and open interest change following interpretation is derived.

Note : The OI build up data on our app is calculated on near expiry future of the underlying stock/index. Data is updated every 15 minutes starting 9:30am.

How to use FO Scanner:

Step 1: Go to your FLOW app > Tools > F&O Scanner

Step 2: Select Index or Stock.

Step 3: Select the Index you want to view from the dropdown.

The Most Active Options contracts are shown on the screen along with its volume.

Step 4: Select from the Most Active contracts. 

Step 5: You can use the Filter option for filtering by Expiry Date.

Step 6: Go to the OI Gainer tab. You can see the contracts with gaining Open Interest.

Step 7: Go to the OI Loser tab.

The contracts with losing Open Interest are visible.

Step 8: You can filter the contracts on the basis of expiry date.

Note: All the analysis and OI build up is calculated on an intraday basis. By no means results in  F&O scanner are buying or selling recommendations neither you should take trade based on the result shown in F&O scanner. Rupeezy doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the data nor is responsible for any losses.

F&O Scanner for Stocks :

F&O Scanner for Stocks :