After launching Options Strategy Builder and pre-built Strategy Store in Flow app, we are delighted to bring these features to your TradingView TV Terminal. 

In this article let us see how to use the feature.

What is an Options Strategy Builder?

Options Strategy Builder is a tool that allows you to combine and build multiple options trades before placing the order. You can utilize the pre-built strategies to make pre-defined profits, limit losses and manage overall risk.

Options Strategy Builder and Strategy Store is now Live on your Rupeezy TV Terminal .

Here’s how you can trade using the feature:

Strategy Builder

The Strategy Builder takes predictions from users and suggests strategies.

Some strategies work well in bullish markets, some in bearish markets and some in neutral markets. The Strategy Builder suggests strategies based on where the user anticipates the market will move in the future.

How to Create Options Strategy?

  • Login to your Flow and go to the Strategy icon on menu bar.

  • Here, select Strategy Builder.

  • Select underlying security or index.

  • Select expiry date, prediction and enter predicted values. Press Continue.

  • Scroll and select from the suggested strategies appearing on the screen.

  • There is a filter option to filter by recommended strategies/market view for your prediction values. You can also sort by maximum profit and loss for every strategy. 

  • Default value of the multiplier is 1. You can increase the multiplier (by clicking on “+”) in case you want to increase the number of lots in the same ratio.

  • On this screen, you can view the strategy break even point, required margin 

available margin.

  • You can also view Maximum Profit and Loss for your strategy. Use these values to select the strategy, according to your risk appetite. 

Pay Off Graph

  • Click on ‘Analyze’ to view the Payoff Graph for the strategy.


  • Here you will see the breakeven points, maximum profit and loss, and options greeks.

  • The graph and greeks help you assess the risk-return equation and make a decision.

  • Hover over the graph to view expected P&L at different values.

Strategy Basket

  • Click on “continue” to move to the strategy basket page. Here, you can add more orders to the strategy, reorder, delete and modify the existing orders, if required.

  • Click on “execute” to execute all strategies in one go.

How to trade with strategies from the Strategy Store:

Strategy Store is a list of proven options strategies traders deploy to minimize their loss.  

The user can select from the list of pre-defined strategies. To know more about Options Strategies, visit our blog

  • Go to the Strategy section on the top navigation bar, select Strategy Store.

  • Select stock/index in the search bar.

  • Here you can view a list of predefined strategies.

  • Select the expiry date and select a strategy

  • On the screen, you can view the Buy and Sell variables and price, breakeven points and the net required margin. 

  • You can view the Max Profit or Loss for the selected strategy

  • Click on Analyse to view the Payoff Graph for the strategy. 

Here you will see the Breakeven points, maximum profit and loss, and Options Greeks. Click on continue to move to the strategy basket page. 

  • To go ahead with the order, click Execute.