Introducing, Fast API Trading Platform - Vortex. Simple, swift, easy to implement Trading APIs. Trade as you like, connect to app or build your own platform with our superfast APIs.

Building a customised trading platform is a plug & play with Vortex APIs.

Explore Our APIs :

Order Management API: Place, modify and execute orders, all exchanges and all order types.


Portfolio API: Retrieve list of open positions across segments. Access holdings in your demat account.

Funds API: Get information of your trading account e.g. balance, margin utilised, collateral etc.

MarketFeed API: Get live market data of all exchanges without delay and interruptions.

Historical Data API: Get past data for Open, High, Low and Close price with Volume and OI.

Basket Order API: Create strategies and execute multiple orders together, with margin benefits adjusted for a pool of scrips. 

How To Register for Vortex APIs?

Prerequisite : Please make sure you have POA enabled Trading, Demat account with us.

  • Open an account with Rupeezy :

To get started with Vortex API, follow the below steps:

To sign up as developer:

  • Register yourself on Rupeezy Vortex Platform : Rupeezy Vortex Platform

    Please note: Existing Rupeezy's account holders can login via Flow.


  • Click on SignUp for Vortex API and fill the required details.

  • After successful registration, you are ready to create your API keys.

Steps to Generate Vortex API Key:

  • Post successful login, you will see My Apps dashboard.

  • Click on Create New App 

  • Fill the required details to generate API Key.

    Redirect URL : The URL to which a user will be redirected after the login flow for Vortex

    API. This has to be an HTTPS url. You can use a URL for testing. For Publisher, the redirect url does not matter until you want to do advanced offsite basket execution.

    Postback URL :The URL where realtime order completion updates for orders placed by you will be POSTed. this has to be an HTTPS url 

    Rupeezy Client ID : By default, the API is restricted to a single Rupeezy user ID, If you want multi-user login support, please e-mail us.

  • Post successful APP creation you can use API KEY and Application ID to for API integration.

  • If you have any apps, you can view the list here.

Integrate your Platform:

FAQs :

How do I get access to the API?

Register on Rupeezy API platform - Vortex and access the keys to start API trading

What are Trading APIs?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software interface that allows two applications to connect without the involvement of a user. A trading API allows you to connect to your broker’s trading system directly, personalise your trading interface as per your needs. It enables you to innovate your trading strategies, get real time data and place precise trades.

What are the charges for API?

Order execution and monitoring  API are Free for clients.

How to get started with Rupeezy API?

To get started with Rupeezy API, follow the below steps:

  • Register yourself on  Rupeezy Vortex Platform

  • Login and generate your API key and security token

  • Integrate your platform

  • Start Trading

Why choose Rupeezy APIs?

Easy Integration: Easy integration with choice of your programming languages. No more C++ Java limitations, we use Python SDKs. Spend your time to integrate not create.

1.5k happy customers: Open up your trading and investing platform to over 1.5+ clients of Rupeezy

No Infrastructure Fee: Get order execution and monitoring APIs for free.

Professional Support: Dedicated support to help you get started.