We have launched a new feature ‘Analyse Position’ to help you make on-the-spot sharp trades with live analysis of your position at fluctuating market prices. 

The ‘Analyse Position’ feature is a tool that allows you to visualise the potential profitability of your NSE F&O positions. It generates a Payoff graph that shows how the value of your NSE F&O position will change as the price of underlying fluctuates. Analyse Position screen also shows break-even points which will be useful to evaluate the risk and reward potential of your F&O positions and make necessary adjustments, if needed.

How to use the feature: 

Launch the Rupeezy Flow app and navigate to the ‘Positions’ screen. 

1. If you have any open NSE F&O position then a button viz. ‘Analyse’ will appear in the lower left corner of the positions screen.

2. When you tap on ‘Analyse’, it will take you to the Analysis screen. It shows a Payoff graph which is a graphical representation of the options profitability at various price points of underlying security. 

3.  Analysis screen also shows breakeven point(s), the point(s) where there’s neither a profit nor a loss. This will help you make necessary adjustments to your positions to minimise losses.

4. If you have positions of more than one underlying, then you will see a drop down in the Analysis screen. You can select the underlying and the position’s analysis can be seen for the particular underlying security’s NSE F&O.

NOTE : Analyse Position is currently applicable only for NSE F&O segment, it doesn’t work for equity, currency or commodity segments.