You can view how much brokerage and other charges you pay for every buy or sell order.

1. Go to your Flow app.

2. Search the stock you want to buy.

3. Select quantity, type of order and price.

4. Above the Buy/Sell button you will find the link ‘View Charges’

Here you can view the Charges Summary.

You will find the following details in transaction estimate summary: 

  • Exchange Turnover

  • Brokerage

  • Exchange Transaction Charges

  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

  • GST (on brokerage and exchange charges)

  • SEBI Charges

  • Clearing Charges

  • Stamp Duty

  • DP Charges (inclusive of taxes)

  • Total tax and charges

Exchange Turnover: Turnover is the amount you pay to buy or sell an order.

Brokerage: Fee charged by broker

Exchange Transaction Charges: The exchange transaction charge is a fee that an exchange like BSE, NSE or MCX levies to users for using the services of the exchange. 

Securities Transaction Tax (STT): 

The STT is levied on the total amount for the securities transactions done through the exchange. 

For equity delivery trades, STT is payable for both, the buy and sell side transactions.

For Future & Options trades, it is payable only on Sell transactions for intraday and F&O trades.

GST (on brokerage and exchange charges)

GST is a tax levied by the government on securities transactions. The current GST rate is 18% of the sum of brokerage and transaction charges.

SEBI Charges

SEBI charges a fee for all sale and purchase transactions in securities.

Clearing Charges

Brokers are required to pay a fee to the clearing house for every trade transaction, which is charged to customers as clearing charges.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is levied by respective state governments on securities transactions documentation.

DP Charges (inclusive of taxes)

The Depository (CDSL/NSDL) and broker (Depository Participant) levy DP Charges per scrip every time you sell a share holding from your demat account. 

Total tax and charges.

The sum total of all charges.

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