Now you can login to your Rupeezy desktop sites using QR Code. 

  • No need to sign in with a login id and password for desktop login.
  • Quick and easy access to TvTerminal, Dock and Aero on desktop.
  • Save time and effort in typing login id and password for every login.
  • Quick access ensures you can take trade faster, smarter.

Steps for using QR code desktop login:

1. Go to your Flow app.

2. Go to the Profile section.

3. Scroll down and you will see ‘Login with QR code’ option.

4. Click to open the QR code scanner. Please approve camera access permission if not approved already.

5. Go to the Desktop Dock,TvTerminal/Flow or Aero site.

6. Click on “login with QR Code” on the login screen.

7.Scan the code using the flow app and you will be logged in to your desktop site.