Basket Order is a feature which allows you to place multiple orders in one go.

In a basket, you can create multiple orders for same or different securities and these can be bunched together to execute in one click.

Creating Basket Order: 

To create a basket,  Go to your app's “Tools” screen and select Basket Order. 

Click on ‘Create New',  name for the basket e.g. Tech, pharma,Nifty, BankNifty or other and create multiple baskets for different themes or choices.

Use the Edit button on top right to edit the basket name or remove it completely.


You can create a maximum of 10 baskets with 10 orders each. 

Steps to create Basket order:

  • Select the Basket and in the search bar, type the name of the stock  or F&O scrip that you wish to add.

  • Tap on “Add Buy” or “Add Sell” button

  • Select the type of Trade, Quantity, Order Type, Stop Loss, Trigger Price and tap on “Add to Basket”

  • To add more scrips repeat the process

Scrip level features : Tap on an order in a basket and you can see below features

Execute : Tap this button to execute a order individually


  • Use the “Modify” button to make changes to any order added to the basket.

  • You can modify quantity, price, order type, stop loss trigger price etc.


This tab allows you to duplicate the order. In case you place an order higher than the maximum limit, you can use this option to copy and place multiple orders.

Delete: Use Delete Option to remove an order from the basket

Margins and change the sequence of orders:

  • Tap the “Reorder” button on top right to change the sequence of orders

  • You can view the Required Margin for the basket.

  • The final required margin will change as per sequence of the individual orders. It is advisable to place buy option orders first so that the required margin is lower when placing options orders.


  • Upon tapping the “Execute” button, orders are placed in the same sequence as placed in the basket.

  • In case the transaction does not go through, you can modify the order and execute the order individually.


You can tap on the “Analyse” button to check the pay off, max profit/loss, and greeks of the basket.

Pay Off Graph:

(calculation as per the current prices and expiry)

Options Payoff charts are simply graphical charts to show the risk/return profile of an option.

Pay Off Graphs are also called Risk charts as they depict profit or loss for an option.

On your Flow app, you can view the Payoff Graph for a strategy.

For example, for a Call option,

You can view if the price of the underlying asset is below the strike price.

Payoff Graphs help you visualise data and make decisions on the go. 

In the Pay Off Graph you can see:

Maximum Profit

Maximum Loss

Breakeven Price

Required Margin
Greeks of the orders

For example:

You create a Long Straddle strategy in a strategy basket for Nifty Options for 15 Dec expiry.

Nifty 18700 CE   Rs 38     Qty: 50

Nifty 18500 PE   Rs 91      Qty 50

Once you click on Analyse, you can view the Pay Off graph for the strategy as per number of days in expiry.You can check the change in graph as you change the number of days through the slider.

The Max Loss under this strategy as depicted in graph.

The Profit potential is unlimited once breakeven points are breached.

Basket Order feature is available in TradeView Terminal as well. 

Follow above steps to create and place Basket Orders on TV Terminal. 

Basket from Option Chain 

Draft Order: Draft order is useful when you don’t want to create a basket for just one order, but still want to create and save an order to execute it quickly during market hours.

Go to your app's “Tools” screen and select the “Draft Order” option, next to Basket Order. 

  • in the search bar, type the name of the stock  or F&O scrip that you wish to add.

  • Tap on “Add Buy” or “Add Sell” button

  • Select the type of Trade, Quantity, Order Type, Stop Loss, Trigger Price and tap on “Add to Draft”

  • To add more scrips repeat the process