1.What are Options Greeks & its use cases in brief:

Options Greeks are a set of calculations that are used to measure various factors that may affect the price of an options contract. This information helps to make an informed decision about which options to trade and when to trade them.

There are mainly four Greek risk measures, Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta.

Delta: Delta measures the rate of change of options premium based on the movement of underlying security

Gamma: Gamma is the rate at which Delta changes. It helps forecast price movement in underlying security.

Vega: Vega is the rate at which the premium changes based on change in volatility

Theta: Theta is the measure of impact on premium based on time left for expiry, i.e. price decay with time.

2.New screen of Options Greeks on Rupeezy and where to access:

Once you select a scrip, you will see a toggle view LTP (Last Traded Price) screen:

On the Options Chain screen, you can view Call and Put Option Greeks next to the Strike Price and IV columns.

The calculation of Greeks can be viewed by clicking on the dropdown on the top right corner of the options chain chart.

3.Filter view features:

By clicking on Filter View, you can check the Open Interest Data for different volume points. With Filter, you can:

  1. Show stock price with zero OI - used if you want to trade in options with very low volume

  2. Choose how many options you want to see in a single screen

4.Flowing button to go to spot price:

Additional feature in the new version: You can place order directly through open charts in the Buy/Sell window.

Add to strategy button - additionally we have also given view charts & add to watchlist icon in the bottom sheet.


How to execute options strategies through options chain on Rupeezy?

1. Add multiple options to create a strategy. Maximum 20 orders in one strategy. Check required margin and available margins. Fold, unfold icon. 

2. The orders will go one by one in the sequence you select.

3. Edit strategy:

You can edit the strategy by clicking on the blue icon next to Strategy option in the section for ‘Execute’. 

Delete orders, rearrange - to get the hedging benefit and reduce your margin required to execute the overall strategy.

When you rearrange the options, do arrange Buy Option first to reduce the margin using hedging.

4.Using the Edit option, you can delete orders and rearrange. The rearrange option helps  you to get the hedging benefit and reduce your margin required to execute the overall strategy.


5. Exit Strategy:

In case you do not wish to execute the strategy, click on the Exit button.

If you do not execute the strategy, the data is not saved with us.

Therefore, you need to either execute the strategy or exit the screen by clicking on the Exit button.