Two Factor Authorisation (TFA)  is required from 1st October 2022. TFA is a two step security process where users are verified using two different authentications. TFA will add an extra layer of security to protect your account from unauthorized access. Apart from OTP and password, a third verification process of TOTP is being introduced for login.

TOTP is defined as a time based One Time Password generated on an app on your phone. It is similar to OTP you receive as SMS or email for logging in to various applications. For TOTP you need to download a TOTP app on your phone. The OTP is time based and generated for 30 seconds. After the lapse of 30 seconds, a new TOTP is generated every 30 seconds. 

TOTP is an independent password that is generated on specific TOTP apps like:

Please download any of these applications from App Store or Play Store for TOTP authentication.

For 1st Time Login to Rupeezy App or Web

Note: There will be common login for TV terminal, DOCK, Aero and Diet 

  1. Go to Login 
  2. Enter your Login ID and Password
  3. Enter the OTP received by SMS or email
  4. Click on ‘Enable TOTP’ 

Note: It can be skipped, to login only through OTP in future, but it is recommended for better user experience and security

Go to the Authenticator app on your phone, click on add account (+ sign in the bottom right of the google authenticator) and either 

  1. scan the QR code shown in the Flow screen or
  2. enter the setup key, present on the flow screen, in the authenticator app
  3. Your Astha account will be added and the 6 digit TOTP will now be visible which changes every 30 seconds. Enter this TOTP in Astha mobile app or web to login to the Astha account

For 2nd time login in the mobile app:

You’ll need to setup or use the phone unlock to access Astha Account. You can enable biometric (fingerprint, face) authorisation on your mobile device if it is supported.

To know how to set up fingerprint authorization on Android, visit Here

and for Face ID on iOS, visit Here.